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FDIC 2022

FDIC 2022 was a great success. Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the training and brotherhood in Indianapolis.!

A special thanks to the Indy Metro FO.O.L.S., 1-800-BoardUp & FDIC.


The Executive Board has had a bit of a makeover following the January 2022 elections.  You may notice a few changes to the manner in which tasks are handled at an operational level while everyone gets settled into their new roles.  As of January 1, 2022, the Executive Board make-up is as follows:


You can learn more about each of the members of the Board here, or click the link in their name to contact them directly.

You'll likely also see some new faces in the field as we have started rolling out the Regional Representatives program.  Check back soon for more on this program.

If you have stories, articles, events, or great social media posts you'd like to share with everyone, please send them to Chris so they can get added to the website and/or social media calendar.

Let your work do your speaking.  F.O.O.L.S. International President Ben Fleagle was recently promoted to the rank of Battalion Chief at the University Fire Department.  Please help us congratulate President Fleagle on his achievement.  Congratulations, we are super proud of you Brother!

Ben teaching.jpg
Ben Pinned.jpg
Icey Ben.jpg

Annual chapter dues are based off the number of active members on the chapter's roster as of October 31 of the preceding year. Chapter dues notifications will be sent out on November 1, via Square invoicing, so it is critical that we have valid email addresses for every chapter.

Per the Articles of Association, Article 7, Section 4: Dues shall be paid by January 1 of each year. Annual dues are broken down in the following manner:

• 5 – 50 members, $50.00 per year
• 51 – 100 members, $100.00 per year
• 101 – 200 members, $200.00 per year
• 201+ members, $300.00 per year

Chapters failing to submit their dues payment by January 31 will have their charter revoked and will have to start the chapter application process from the beginning to regain their active chapter status, as well as submitting any unpaid dues assessment.​


If you have any questions, please contact International Treasurer Dana Larkin.

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