Chapter Presidents/Treasurers,

The 2020 dues will be based off the roster number as of October 31, 2019. Chapter dues notifications will be sent out this year via PayPal invoice, so it is critical that we have valid email addresses for every chapter. International is planning to start getting them out sometime in early to mid-November. Those who have not paid their 2018-2019 dues have been placed in an inactive status until they become current. It is extremely important for any chapter to get in touch with Chris to work out how they will be invoiced.

Per our current Articles of Association, Article 7, Section 4: Dues shall be paid by January 1 of each year. Annual dues are broken down in the following manner:

• 5 – 50 members, $50.00 per year
• 51 – 100 members, $100.00 per year
• 101 – 200 members, $200.00 per year
• 201 + members, $300.00 per year

Chapters who fail to pay their dues by January 31 will have their charter revoked and will have to start the chapter application process from the beginning to regain their active chapter status, as well as submitting any unpaid dues assessment.​


If you have any questions, please feel free to drop Chris a line.

Chris Bednarek
FOOLS International
PO Box 428
Flossmoor, IL 60422